This page contains instructions on how to apply for either POLA or EMS. You--the cadet, family, and home unit--are charged with following these five steps correctly:

STEP 1:   Make sure you’re qualified to attend training.

  • You must be at least 14 years old by December 26, 2018. (We recommend POLA students be at least 15 years old.)
  • The minimum age requirement of 14 is not waiverable. 

  • For POLA students: You must hold the rate of Seaman/Airman (E-3) or Petty Officer 3rd Class (E-4).
  • For EMS students: You must hold the rate of Seaman Apprentice (E-2) or above.
  • If you’ll need any medication at this training—either over-the-counter or prescription—stop right now, and read the Medication page BEFORE APPLYING!
  • You must be able to fully participate in all essential aspects of this training, which include:
    • POLA: up to 10 hours-per-day of active classroom learning and/or participation, lengthy nightly reading assignments, daily physical training, up to two hours-per-day of military drill/marching, and a timed, written final examination at the end of training.
    • EMS: in addition to the above, you'll have to demonstrate several emergency medical-related tasks (e.g., CPR, first-aid). The final exam of this course includes a demonstration of learned skills.

Pursuant to USNSCC Regulations, Section 5.02: “No qualified person will be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination by the USNSCC simply because that person has a disability.” Please email the COTC BEFORE APPLYING if you believe you have grounds to request an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

STEP 2:   Ask your home unit Commanding Officer or Training Officer to submit a request via Magellan.

  • POLA: The Magellan training code is NP-RI-1801.
  • EMS: The Magellan training code for EMS is MJ-RI-1801.
  • Registration for both trainings is here:

  • Fill out the form NSCTNG 001, Request for Training Authority.

    • Verify that your phone and email information is correct. This is what the ATC New England staff will use to communicate with you and/or your emergency contacts if necessary!

    • You should receive this form directly from your home unit after your unit submits your Magellan registration. Don't ask the COTC for this form.

    • Have a parent initial and sign the NSCTNG 001, make a photocopy for your unit, and mail the original to the COTC—as provided in Step 3 below.

  • When your unit registers you for training, the Magellan system automatically sets your application status as Submitted.
  • Within a few days after initial registration, the COTC will check to make sure you meet the basic minimum age/rate requirements for training. If you do, your status will change from Submitted to Confirmed. This does not mean you have a reserved billet. You don't. It only means you should now continue to Step 3, and submit your application as quickly as possible. (Remember, all billets are first-come, first-served.)

STEP 3:   Mail the completed application and fee to the address shown on the Application Checklist.

The deadline for receipt of all application packages is Saturday, December 1, 2018. (Not post-marked, not put in the mail. Received, in-hand.)

Please send all of the following documents in one single envelopeafter your billet is marked Confirmed in Magellan:

·   Cashier's check or money order for $50, payable to "NSCC Squadron 7 Zulu"
    (packages containing personal checks or unit checks will be rejected)

·   Form NSCTNG 001, with parents’ initials and signature

·   Parental Consent Form, with parents' signature

·   Release of Liability, with parents' signature

·   Photocopy of Cadet/Family health insurance card

·   IF ON MEDICATION: Form NSCADM 001 (Page 7/8) endorsed by the parent, unit CO, and for prescription medications, the family physician signature as well. Read the Medication page very carefully!


STEP 4:   Stand by for review and approval of your application.

  • The COTC will review your application once it is received.

  • If everything is complete and satisfactory, the COTC will update your Magellan status from Confirmed to Approved. Once you are marked Approved, you now finally have a seat at POLA/EMS. Congratulations!

  • If your application is not correct or not complete, your status will remain as Confirmed. Your entire package will be returned to you by first-class mail, and you will need to re-submit your application once the errors/omissions are corrected. NOTE: ATC New England does not and will not hold incomplete packages on behalf of cadets--this is out of fairness to other cadets. Rejected applications go to the back of the line.
  • If you are deemed ineligible to attend training (see Step 1 above), the COTC will change your status to Denied in Magellan.

STEP 5:   Once approved, make travel arrangements and prepare for training.

  • Carefully read the Travel page, and submit the Google Form on that page.
  • If you know you will be driving via personal vehicle, please submit the Travel form within 7 days of receiving an Approved billet. If you need more time to make commercial air travel reservations, that's okay. The deadline for all forms to be submitted is December 15, 2018.
  • Review the Seabag List. Order your PT Uniform (if you haven't already), and assemble all other gear in coordination with your home unit. You may contact the COTC with any specific questions about items on the list / not on the list.
  • EMS students - please take the online Heartsaver First Aid/AED/CPR course! Instructions here.