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*** WARNING *** If you show up for check-in with any prescription or over-the-counter medication that you failed to tell us about during the application process:

  • Yes, you WILL be denied entrance to the training!
  • Yes, you WILL be returned home at your own expense!
  • No, we will NOT allow you to skip your meds for a week!




(that's the NSCADM 001, Pages 7/8, signed by your parent/guardian, your unit CO and your Physician!)

As a general rule, we are able to accommodate most prescription and over-the-counter medications, when the need for medication is properly documented in your application.

Over-the-counter meds. Submit form NSCADM001 (page 7/8) with your application. This form must be endorsed by parent/guardian and home unit Commanding Officer (blank form at bottom of page).

Prescriptions. Submit form NSCADM001(page 7/8) with your application. NOTE: In addition to the endorsement of the parent/guardian and home unit Commanding Officer, the cadet’s primary care medical provider must also sign this form (blank form at bottom of page).

Prescription medications will only be accepted if all of the following conditions are met:

  • the cadet would not suffer grave risk to life or limb if the medication was temporarily unavailable for any reason;
  • the instructions for storing and administering the medication, including the size and frequency of dosage, circumstances which indicate administration, and (for medications requiring injection) the appropriate locations for injection, are specified in detail on a NSCADM001 (page 7/8), signed by parent/guardian, unit Commanding Officer, and the appropriate medical provider, and provided to the COTC with your application;
  • the medication is in a container with an unaltered prescription label showing the cadet’s name and the same storage, frequency, and dosage information submitted on the NSCADM001 (page 7/8);
  • the cadet’s parent or guardian provides sufficient doses to cover the entire training period, but not more than necessary;
  • the “use by” date on the container has not expired;
  • pills are pre-cut if partial doses are required; and
  • the medication inside the container matches any description of the medication on the prescription label or container.
For prescription medications requiring injection (such as epipens):
  • the medications requiring injection are packaged in a way that protects personnel handling sharp needles; and
  • the Medical Department must be staffed by at least one licensed medical professional who may legally administer injections. (Please email the COTC to confirm that adequate staffing will be on hand if you have injectables that you need to bring.)

Because of the serious legal and health risks of improperly administering medication to cadets, if any of the criteria listed above are not fully met, ATC New England is legally obligated to refuse to accept the medication.

Cadets may not hold or self-administer any medications during training. Cadets will report to the Medical Office for each necessary administration.

Do not “withdraw” your cadet from a necessary medication for the purposes of sending them to training – it is ill-advised, unethical, and dangerous.  If they need the medication – follow the procedures and send it with them. 

Barry Crawford,
Nov 11, 2019, 10:51 PM