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Staff Cadets/Officers

If you are interested in being an Escort Officer, this means you will also be an integral part of the command staff.  If you are interested in support POLA/EMS, please email the COTC to discuss available positions.  Submit your training request in Magellan to obtain orders.  Please refer to the sea bag list of items needed for winter conditions in Newport, RI.

Staff Cadets are generally requested by the COTC and Command Chief.  If you accept the invitation please complete the entire application package as provided on the Application page. 


All Staff will comply with the Seabag List issued for students, except that the official USNSCC PT shirt is not required.

The COTC expects that every Staff Cadet will participate in nightly PT along with the students, except when performing official duties.

Staff are additionally granted the privilege of bringing any of the following items to training:
  • reasonable amounts of snack food and/or drink
    • must be sealed at all times to avoid attracting insects/rodents
    • must be hidden from view to avoid flaunting privileges in front of students
  • computers,
  • printers,
  • fans,
  • radios,
  • personal linens or sleeping bags;
  • a personal cell phone, primarily for the purpose of conducting official business - any personal use of a cell phone will not interfere with official duties, must be incidental, and must take place entirely outside the view of any student cadets.
The COTC may revoke any privilege at any time. The use of these items will not disturb NSCC or Navy personnel in King Hall; and the items are not distracting from assigned duties. Under no circumstances will staff flaunt privileges in front of student cadets.