Contact Us

Advanced Training Command New England (POLA and EMS) Contact Information:

Before/After Training:

MCPO Barry Crawford, USN (Ret)
Commanding Officer, POLA Class 17 / EMS Class 7
Email: (you must CC your home unit Commanding Officer on any email you send me)

No phone calls, please. If the subject requires a phone conversation, we can schedule a mutually convenient time.

During Training (Dec. 26 - Jan. 1):

ATC New England Duty Cell Phone: 617-240-6361

Families and friends who wish to check in on their favorite cadet can do so by subscribing to our Facebook page, which is available at We'll do our best to update that page throughout the week with photos.

If a legitimate emergency arises at home during training, parents or unit COs may call our 24/7 duty cell phone and will reach an adult escort officer. (And please, that number is for true emergencies only.)

PARENTS: You can rest assured that your child's safety, health, and well-being is our top priority. So, if you're anxious and want to know if your child is doing okay ... don't call us, we'll call you. The following situations do NOT constitute an emergency -- do NOT interrupt the training by calling our duty phone for any of these reasons:

"I miss my child"
"I want to hear my child's voice"
"I am a helicopter parent and absolutely must know what my child is doing 24/7"
"You posted pictures on Facebook but my child isn't in them"
"You posted pictures on Facebook but my child looks sad/uninterested"
"I want to say happy birthday to my child"