About POLA 2020

Dates: December 28 - January 1 

Time Per Day: 0800 - 1800

There will be no charge for this training. However, you must buy It's Your Ship Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy by Michael Abrashoff. See the "Required Items" page to find a link to the book.

Petty Officer Leadership Academy (“POLA”) is designed for Sea Cadet E-3s and E-4s who are rising leaders within the USNSCC. This training is academically intense, requires regular participation in lectures and small group discussions, requires nearly 100 pages of reading per night, and is both reflective and theory-based.

Leadership can be taught ... and we teach it! This is the 19th consecutive year that the USNSCC has hosted POLA with this command. During that time, our training has come to be known as a national model in training new Sea Cadet Petty Officers. Cadets who attend have a rare opportunity to learn from the Navy’s finest enlisted leaders. These are the Senior and Master Chief Petty Officers who prepare our Navy’s leaders for the most demanding at-sea at on-shore leadership assignments. As such, your training will be rigorous, academically intensive, and fast-paced. Be prepared.

Students unfortunately will not be able to study at the U.S. Navy's Senior Enlisted Academy, due to COVID-19. Despite being virtual, Cadets will be treated like Navy sailors and are expected to act like it. In addition, each student has the opportunity to lead a division of cadets and test his/her leadership skills first-hand during the training. Following training, students will receive a comprehensive written evaluation that will provide individualized feedback on strengths, areas for improvement, etc.

While we hope all our students will graduate this course, we do not lower our standards to ensure that everyone passes. Typically, 5-10% of our students fail the course, and they tend to be the youngest. It is therefore recommended that students be at least 15 years old or a mature 14 year old. No cadet may attend POLA as their first training after Recruit Training.