Interested in Staffing?


We are looking for Staff who would like to assist us with POLA New England 2020!

Staff set the example to the participants on how to provide constructive feedback, correction, leadership, and communication. 

All Cadet staff positions have been filled at this time, but we still need officer roles!

Role: Escort Officer
Quantity Needed: 3 
Requirements: MIDN or above.
Description: Assigned as a Division Officer supervising and assisting Staff Cadets and supporting the Admin requirements of the course.

POLA NE 2020 is a very Admin intensive course to record feedback, generate evaluations, and produce honor cadets. Staff must be comfortable using computers, the internet, Zoom conference, and accessing shared documents via Google Drive.

We want to fill all staff positions by November 15, 2020. 

How to Apply:  
- Escort Officers should direct their request to MCPO Barry Crawford at 

Anyone who applies to Staff via Magellan (when the course shows up) will NOT be automatically approved. Staff must be screened beforehand to ensure they can meet the demanding schedule and level of work required.