Seabag List


IMPORTANT: Cadets have absolutely no expectation of privacy in either their person or their belongings at any time while attached to this training. You will be on a federal military installation during this training: U.S. Navy officials or the USNSCC Commanding Officer may, in their sole discretion, order a search of the contents of your room, locker, desk, seabag, or other belongings, etc., for ANY reason, at ANY time. Contraband will either be confiscated for the duration of the training, or forfeited outright.
  • Pillow, sheets, and blanket will be provided for you. Do not bring your own bed linens.
  • We will not be providing custom PT gear. You are responsible for obtaining the official USNSCC PT shirt from Vanguard, see below. Ask your unit to order these for you, because your unit has a special discount to use at Vanguard and you can save a few bucks off the retail price. Unit-specific or other PT gear is NOT authorized!

  • Laundry facilities, detergent, and an iron will be provided for your use. (What? Don't know how to use any of these appliances? You'll learn, very soon.)

  • Female cadets may wear either the new unisex Service Dress Blue uniform, see Action Letter 07-16, or the soon-to-be obsolete jacket w/white shirt and combination cover, see Uniform Regulations, Section 3702 (page 3-69)
  • Unless we specifically says an item is "optional," you should consider it to be required. BRING IT!
  • If something is NOT on this list, but you need/want it, you may NOT bring it unless authorized by the CO in advance. 
Navy Working Uniform (NWU):
Underwear (5-7 pairs)
NWU Goretex Parka w/rank tab
NWU black fleece liner w/rank tab
NWU Cover
NWU Blouse w/all insignia (2)
NWU Trousers (2)
Boots (shined)
Boot socks (3-5 pairs)
Belt with silver buckle
Blousing straps (pair)
Blue t-shirts (3-7)
Black cold-weather gloves (1 pair)

Service Dress Blue:
Jumper w/USNSCC flashes and rate insignia
White hat
White crew-neck undershirt (1)
Ribbons and nameplate
Black dress socks (1 pair)
Dress shoes

PT Uniform:
Official USNSCC PT t-shirt (no other t-shirt is authorized!)
Official USNSCC PT shorts
Sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • Recommended: Official USNSCC PT sweatsuit - sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • You can bring any dark blue or black-colored sweatsuit
  • Military-themed printing is acceptable
Athletic socks (3-5 pairs)
Sports bras (females)
Sleeping attire
One set of conservative civilian clothing

Shower Gear:
Shower shoes
Soap, shampoo
Shaving supplies
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Towels (2)
Washcloth (2)
Laundry bag
Full-length bathrobe (required for female cadets)
Required Items:
Service Jacket
Padlock with 2 keys (1 in service jacket)
Canteen for water
Shoe-shine kit
Small flashlight
Black ball-point pens (2)
1.5” black binder with clear slip-in cover
50 sheets of lined paper in binder
Alarm clock, battery operated

Optional/Suggested Items: 
Cell phone (will be surrendered on check-in) 
Spending money up to $50 cash
Black watchcap (no commercial logos)

Any medication (prescription or not) MUST be pre-approved by your unit CO and COTC as provided on the Medication page.

You may NOT bring:

Anything that requires electricity to operate, including: laptops, tablets, smart-watches, portable game systems, or music players

Food, candy, gum, or drinks
Obscene materials
Knives, guns, or other weapons
Illegal drugs or alcohol
Any tobacco products
Any aerosol products
Anything in a glass container
Perfume or cologne